Transportation Turned Sport: Dog Sledding

Dogsledding has not always been a sport. In fact, dog sleds were primarily used as a form of transportation. That was the only way people could get around until modern technology gave us snow mobiles. Now, dogsledding has become more then just a form of transport. It is a full on recreational activity and sport. It is a sport all ages can enjoy.

There are a few basics you need to get started to really enjoy participating in this activity. The most important thing will be dogs of course. You can’t get a sled far without them. Owning and maintaining dogs for sledding can be a challenge alone. Feeding, handling and keeping your dogs well is a full time job. You also need quality winter gear. No matter where you are in the country or even the states conditions will be cold.

Many sledders spend days at a time in the wilderness far from luxuries such as hotels or even their home. Typically winter gear would include gloves, jackets, pants and a tent to help stay warm.  You also have to make sure the dogs can survive any condition as they are truly the driving force behind winning a race. Of course you also need a good sled. A quality sled will get you from point A to B while also helping you transport goods and all of the tools you need to survive.

There are also things to think about beyond just a sled. How do you harness the dogs? How do you store the equipment for the dogs? A harness is the most critical piece of equipment since that is what keeps the dog attached to the sled. You also want to keep a dogs feet protected from the elements so boots also come into play. That is right, just like a human a dog needs to stay protected from the rough terrains you will encounter along the way. There are several types of dog boots for many environments. And of course you will need to keep your dog identified and collared.

Equipment goes beyond the course though. You need to keep your dogs warm and housed all year round so you must factor in shelter suitable for the environment you live in. Even feeding your dogs can be critical in the sport of sledding. Just like a human a dog needs to have energy to keep up with the competition.

With the right equipment, motivation and dedication you to can enjoy the wonderful world of dog sledding.

Traditional Bootleg Sled Races

Traditionally, the bootleg sled dog races take place in a town just outside British Columbia called Kimberley. This beautiful town is the ultimate resort, family and vacation spot. It brings in a lot of families and tourists dollars so it is a prime location for large events.

Kimberley in the summer.

During the winter, typically around February the Bootleg dog sled race is held. This event is held for charity and helps fund families and children so they can take trips to major cities; so they can seek cancer treatment without being overwhelmed by travel expenses. This race is unique because there are many different competition levels.

A sled racer can participate in a six mile, four mile or even two mile race. The two mile race is perfect for a beginning young adult and if you want to really test your skills the six mile race is a great way to do just that; the six mile race is the most challenging by far because it is a looped event which means you race around the six mile track six times.

For many years this race has drawn a lot of people. The motivation to assist families that need help when coping with childhood cancer has been the greatest drive. This competition has always been a hit because of the prizes but, that is not the main drive behind this challenging and positive event. The location for this race is also excellent. Kimberly, British Columbus is a whole world unto itself. Full of resorts, beauty, family actives and diverse slopes. It is the ultimate vacation spot for such a world class competition with an even better cause. Keep an eye out for our future bootleg dog sled races and prizes. Sign up, be a part of the challenge, and while you are at promote a great sport backing an excellent cause.